Mrs.Teddy’s Kitchen Delights

Guess wot, guess wot????

I have been finking, what else can I blogs about, so you dont get too boreds, and switch the channel and zap me out, cuz dat would has made me so sads, so i kept thunking and thunked up, that hey! why dont i tell people what delights come out of the kitchen of Mrs Teddy, because delights they are!

wow, so yummy in my tummy. so, well, some of you know that i have been watching over Daddy TeddyTom4u’s promise to eat veggie food all day once  a week, and i been testing the food and He took pix… well some of them will be on my blog so you will see how much delightfuls food there has been. Cause of course it is all yummed up by now. neener.

But i also heard people say, they wish Mrs Teddy would share Her secwets, and recipes, but she doesnt and well technically also the kitchen of Mrs Teddy is off limits for me (HUMPF!!!) – because Mrs Teddy says that my fur could leave hair in Her creations, and that would be a shame, and so I am not allowed in theres, so paweaze… dont you tells on me, that i been sneaking in for this pic?


 even though technically i am not alloweds in dere, I did take my chances and i decided to share some wif you, just so you all can has something good of it. arent i all kinds of nice?

 so today, i will tells you a HUGE SECWET!! Daddy TeddyTom4u does not eat fish! He says, He wont eat fish so fish wont eat Hims, and it does has a logic. The only exceptiunnn og course is the fish fingers/ fish sticks. But He is particular, Daddy TeddyTom4u, since He wills only eat them from a German major brand, and only if Mrs Teddy prepares them, because She has a  secwet to how it is done.

 So i been peeksing into the kitchen, and found out, that Mrs Teddy cooks them sticks in the oven. She puts them on a plate from the box and leaves them so long in the oven, until they forget they even were fish in a water once. It is not before they believe they had been climbing on trees all life, Mrs Tedyd takes them out and serves them with delicious mayonnaise ….

and when Daddy TeddyTom4u asks them sticks, who are you? they all say… we are monkey sticks!



One Response to “Mrs.Teddy’s Kitchen Delights”

  1. That´s right, Doucette, monkey sticks they are 😀

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