Home Decor, dress up your home!


Wisten peopol, as a photo-model beauty is my second nature and aesthetics my best fwiend. An an an so, I not only pose for photographers in outstanding locatiuns, I also get a lot of inspiratiun about how to combine form and color. An let me tells you no matter what you will reads in magazines, dere is not one twue way. The only thing that counts is that you feel wells. But there are, as in fashion also trends, an there are particulars too. So you can either follow a certain tone, or do cross-overs.

An the best fing to do, is what pleases you. But to set the wight tone in your home, you will probably need some accessories. Dids you also notice, how a red candle on a table sets a fifferent tone, then lets say half a dozen of tea-lights?

An that’s what I wanna talks to you about. About home accessowies and lights and candles. Now paweeze, when handling pay attentiun, so your home does not burn to ashes. An keeps in mind that hot wax is called hot for a weason!

So on my modeling twips I has met many a one decorators an requisitors. But I am convinced that the best source for your home decoratiun is Katie from Partylite. Not only does she know all dem pwoducts, but she also has the bestest taste, meanings she can helps you find your style, an helps you discover new things to make your home all awesum. 

So i did take the time and reviewed some stuff, an peopol lemme tells you, dey have quite a bunch of beautifuls things as vewwy affordable prices. For one dey have beautiful tea-lights, wookie how colorfuls!

Among candles and votives an tea-lights that are beautifuls as they are I also discovereds dis beautiful candle holder, called global inspiratiuns. it has dose wooks of Afwica, exotic an promising, an takes you on a journey of beauty an discovery. – an you even do not has to board a plane! – wookie how awesumms!!!

What i weawwy wuved bout Katie and PartyLite is dat they have also sumfing to decorate your own face … *giggles* – like these purrty lip glosses, So in case you get all envious about how your home gets beautified, just sneak in one or five lip glosses an you will feels just as pampered as your home!

An my vewy most favorite has to be Amaretto Swirl. The picture does not do it any justice. You should see how the glass sparkles, and paints the room into a class of its own! The glass is hand-broken and the bowls are hand-crafted. This is not some machine build bowl, dis is real manual labor, and absolutely gorgeous. Place it on your festive table, throughout thanks-giving or yule, Or you can use it as a bath-tub for your stuffed animals… dat is solely your decisiun, *giggles*

An best of alls? It is affordables for everyone. Now I must go, though, to set the table for a romantic Candle Light Dinner with Mrs Teddy and Daddy TeddyTom4u with all dems Partylite accessories i got from Katie ….




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