Brand New Categories


so peopol, my blog is growsing, an it is growsing faster then i do, because no wowwies, i still all widdles. adult widdles but widdles still. But since my blog is growing, an i am widenings my interests an wot i wanna shares wif you, my fwiends and fans, an because i do not wanna has it all in a messy uncategorised sectiun… i decided to add new categories, so you all have it easier to nagi- errr navagate, on my pages! isnt dat awesum? i fink it is.

so as so you understands wot it all is abouts i will speak a widdle about each new categories, so you can get acquainteds an dont feel all lost or awkward when meeting them on my blog… wight? wight!

So, one of dem new categories you already has met, is my WITINGS sectiun! dats where i will published poetry and prose i has written, or such that i am alloweds to post. It is always sumfing close to my soft widdle heart, so dont wowwy when you opens dat, it will not jump at you an an like massacres you. pwomise!

I also has been asksed many times ova, whether i has fwiends an family, an of coursie i do, especially all my awesum girly fwiends fwom TeddyBareCares4u and of course Teddy Teddy too! so in the future i plans on doing portraits about my fwiends on my blog, because once you know my fwiends you knows me betta too… wight? wight! an wot’s da name of dat category… because it isnt fwiends, cuz dat is not on the list dere >>>>>>

No wowwies, you not bwinds. i choses a french name, cuz i am multilingual like that, an the word is “L’ENTOURAGE”

Den, i has added a category i cannots believes i has forgots to put up in the firstest place: TRAVELS As a photo-model and starlette i of course travels, plus i also accompanies Daddy TeddyTom4u on His travels, an we often has extracurricular photo-shoots on awesum locatiuns, an i wanna share dat important part of my career and life wif you as well.  – i may even report about places i has not been yet in bearson (giggle, got it? got it? its a fun pun with person!!! giggle bearson hahahaha) but wif sights that are so worthy to be explorsed.

SPIRITUAL & MYSTICAL – wot an importants categories too. my travels and exploratiuns as well as my beary wisdom (giggle another fun pun! very – beary!!! giggles) helpsed me gather a lot of intewesting info about deities, cultures, dragons, fairies an many more, an an an also some tales an stowies, an so i will shares dat a bit wif you all too, cuz i am into that stuff.

SHINIES/GEMS/MINERALS: well da name is kinda sorta sumfing of a give-away, an so you wont be supwised that the main focus will be on shinies like jewelry but also the rough stones, an gems, an minerals and oooooh i wuv em so much! so many colors, some translucent, some opaque, some multicolored, some changing colors, some hasing a cat’s eye, some a star dance on dem… an they have healing powers too, an are pwetty an they my dear fwiends an so i wanna introduce dem to you. Dere is a series in pwepawations, wif photo-shoots alreadies, that are themed EXPLORATIONS OF EARTH or geological exploratiuns, an you can all be wooking forwards to dem airing on my blog, because dere will be many treasures displayeds and you be introduceds too… stay tunsed!

An!!!!!! Daddy TeddyTom4u also just informsed me, that he wants to has me pose in a few photo-shoots so we can makes pictures for each category. wowowowow i cants wait – i lurve to model an poses in fwont of the camera, especially His!!!

An last not least, i now has my own widdle smiley i mades up. well i kinda adapted an adopteds it from Teddy’s smiley. His is 8:@) an mine is


so if you see 8:@ somewhere you know its me,





So dats all about the news consernings my blog.


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