Woohoooooo: SHE AWWIVSED!!!!

Wookie and wistens peopol, I am so fudging exciteds, cuz cuz cuz, you know, or maybe you don’t know in which case you know now, how every mornings I makes my widdle tour de yard, wooking at the back yards about wots new, wight? Wight

An well, there is always sumfing new but not always it is sumfing to blog abouts. Cuz sometimes a widdle bird teaches me a new song, but as I said befowe, it’s a widdle hard to tells in a blog, so dats like my own bearsonal news. (giggle, fun pun! Giggle! Got it? bearsonal? That’s personal, giggle, snort giggle morer!!)

So, so, an an an an today in the moaning (giggle, more fun puns, got it? Got it?? Morning/moaning, giggle morer hahaha) when I paid visit to my favorite widdle tree… wot did I see? Huh? Can you guesses it? Cans you cans you???? Wight, befoe I tells you about its, lemme quickly tells you bout the twee. You know all dem twees are my bestest fwiends, because they tells the most beautifuls stories, and each of them a slightly fifferent one, an so so, I asks you not to tell dem other trees i said that one of dem is my most favorite one, cuz cuz cuz, else, dem others might be sads an I don’t want my fwiends to be sads, evar!

An so, but I digress, in case you didn’t notice?

But well dis is a spechial twee, cuz cuz cuz, its family is not native to centwal euwope, where I lives. It is a Thuya twee, but this one was born in Germany, in a glass house, wow! Go figure… an an, then when he was just a stapling, he was brought to a gardening store, an was dere wif others, waitings for what fait it would be. An he was tiny for a twee, maybe 2 feet, but Mrs Teddy and Daddy TeddyTom4u bought hims, and put hims in their back-yard, the spwing they had movsed dere, and now, 5 years later wookie what a majestic twee he has become! Wow!


So after dat twee episode, cans you guess it, cans you? Who arrivsed? Who, who?

Giggle… of course the Spwing Goddess has!!!

An she bwought her widdles wif her, dem fwesh new flowers. WOOKIE!!!!!!


These widdle fellas just opened ups in purple and yellow, dem crocuses, though I call them crow-kisses. I finds it easierst to says, wight? Wight!

So, wemember how Mrs Teddy said, that if after all my wooksing for spwing an callings she doesn’t wakes up, She must be deaf? Well wooks like Spwing is not deaf and all Her majestic self. Time I sit down on my beary butt (heheh, fun pun! Giggle, got it? Got it??? Beary/very giggle giggle morer, giggle-snorts, buhahahah) any way, time to sit down and continue my blog about how every season has its weason, and tells you all bout Spwing! But dats for a later time. For now I am out to welcomes all Her widdles!!!

An you? Best do the same!



One Response to “SHE AWWIVSED!!!!”

  1. Congrats sis on your wonderful find this morning!!! I so happy for you.. it looks all beautifuls! Wuv and love you beary much (ha ha ha get da pun?)

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