no pooping in da face, humpf!

i got myself into twuble, peopol…


so, it happensed on another web-site, where a mutual fwiend of my Daddy TeddyTom4u and me said sumfing howwible, howwible to me, i tell you!


she said, that: HELLO KITTY MUST DIE!


anyways, i told her that it made me sads, an also i did cwy cuz cut it is like weavy wike all wong, innit? I also said it was way too harsh a fing to say….

i was wike, what the fudge? how dares you threatens my fwiends, but i mean hewwo? dat is like an outwage, wight? wight! so i totally stoods up to her for my fwiend Hello Kitty an all her fans. Us celebritie-stuffies must stick together an all! an so i umm, kinda sorta, ummm, wost my temper an an



an den i cwossed my paws an POOPED IN HER FACE !!! dere! dats what you get!


But that was wong, because, i should have wun to my Daddy an an has Him sort it outs instead.


an so Daddy TeddyTom4u scoldeds me : ( an an tolds me, we do not poop in peopol’s faces, unless it is a total emergency!  So i was sentenced to wite dem lines, so i wemember it da next time, an i swear i totally learnnsed my wesson, weavvy, i has!!!


But when all was said an dones? Daddy kissesed me an all was forgivens.


oooh an den? that other girl got punishesed too! an she has to wite 55 lines to not scare widdles. that will teaches her. i has the best Daddy evar!






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