100% hand-made, stunning collars & cuffs (chokers and bracelets)

Wisten peopol, i has somefing gweat to sharesed!


I has been scheduled for a photo-shoot, wif da most awesumest fellow model at that, but i cannots tells you hers name, or shows her face for copywight weasons, and so sowwy! but anyways, she is a twue celebrity, thats all i can tells you an widdle hints i also ate her cakes an am all hooksed to dem, but shhh secwet!


dis victorian style collar is on sale during March, for 28$ (instead of 34$ regular price) but if  you buy it fru my blog it could be yours for as widdle as 25 $ including shipping.  

so anyways, we has been modeling for outstanding pieces of jewelry: chokers and sometimes also matchings barcelets, dat are also known as as collar and cuffs. dey all are 100% handmade, with wool an other fabrics like that, an sometimes with accessories, like metal or buttons, an dey are totally delightfuls. 

dis cuff and collar set could be yours for only 14$!!! for both, and wif shipping includeds! wow! 

each piece is unique, an so if you want yours you has to hurry scurry – one of dem already is sold


if you are interested in purchases dem, just send a mail to my Daddy TeddyTom4u (TeddyTom4u@yahoo.com) an tells Him, He knows da people who made thems an gives you all details an stuff


Now i has to go an has another wookie at dem beauties. see you all laters!





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