The Silver-Gate-Bridge in San Berchingsco

Peopol, you wont believseded me, when i tells you, but you has to knows an i also so needs to brags! I had a beary spechial (giggle! fun: pun! got it? got it??? – beary = very! giggle-snort) photo-shoot at one of the worlds most reknownsed locatiuns… the bridge dat most of you has heard abouts.


Forget the lame one called Golden-Gate in San Francisco, she is not even half as excitings as her younger sista …. THE SILVER GATE BRIDGE OF SAN BERCHINGSCO 


now do not tell me you never eva heard of that? how is that possuble? well i will fixes dat for you real quick, so you not all embarassed when asksed about that sight!


wookie at the picture bellow from my photo-shoot….


now you may wanna know what i dids dere besides modeling, an you guesses it wight, i had also a conventiun wif my local fans dere


but even though i did all my best to keeps my fans happy, dey followed me everywhere an made the modeling a rather fifficult job. it was beary exhausting, but also quite flattering, to be all honest.

but i am now a happie teddie to be backs home where i can relax… so paweeze pardons me for a bit – i has to go an take a break to get all rids of my jet leg!









2 Responses to “The Silver-Gate-Bridge in San Berchingsco”

  1. this is soooo sweet, those fans of yours seem very excited about your arrival! 🙂

    • dem duckies were completely meshugene abouts me and kepts followsing me everywhere. had to sign autographs so much my paw hurted, but oh so good to get so much attentun and recognitun. i wiked, wots and wots!


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