How i spended my provisun!

Peopol, wistens! i know you has been like dying to knows how i spendeds my provisunnnn! Of coursie i do hopes none of my fans were dying for reals, that would be so vewy sads… butt (giggle, fun pun, ooops don’t tell on me that i said *butt* or i am in twuble, an i don’t wanna be in twuble!) if my fans are anyfing wike me, dey – dat means you, all are a widdle nosey an an anticipates to knows everyfing out there espechially dem secwets, wight? Wight!

An an an, sooooo, i don’t wanna keeps you all in da dark any morer an do wanna share my widdle sweet secwet wif yous, just like dat! No stwings attached, no nuffing, just kiss an tell!

So to refreshen your memory, i made a sale fru my blog about modeling in freezing temperatures for Daddy TeddyTom4u an of course i get a widdle provisun, because Daddy TeddyTom4u is awesum like dat. An i am allowed to spends my provisun as i wanna. Yay! An so of course i needed to spends it on some girlie stuff, but the good widdle model i am, i also wanted it to be an investitun into my beauty, cuz a model needs to be beautifuls like all da time.

It was <decisuns, decisuns> i tells you, it was almost cwazy! i was thinking to get me a few more of Katies Partylight lip gloss firstest….

But den I thought, why not put in some of my money made by modeling and get me like a weavy nice purse. In my strolls through web-shops i had discovered this genuine 1980s deep red VALENTINO hand-bag…  but then i thought, dat is kinda vewwy big for me, cuz i a widdles and a teddie bear girl, wight? Wight! An so, i kept wooksing… but peopol, wistens, you has no idea about how many <Oooh the temptatiuns> i has been seeings! i mean how is a widdles, an a teddie, an a girl bear to resist a cranberry filled rich in butter cake? 

but in the ends i was vewwy happy i didn’t spends it on da cake or other yummies, cuz cuz cuz, i found sumfing extwaordinary an sooooo widdles fwiendly an an like purrfect! (giggle! Fun, pun! Got it??? got it???? Purr-fect is perfect, just purring like a happy cat like, giggle!!!!)

Wookie wot i gots me!

It is Loose Powder Box, covered in almost real gems! Innit all pwetty? An the best about dat box? It is one of a kind. But if you wanna a similar one, you just drop Daddy a note ( an an an He knows the artist who decorates boxes like dat. So you can has sumfing similar to what I has? Dat would be so kewl!

Now I has to goes, and powder up my nose



One Response to “How i spended my provisun!”

  1. you are so sweeeet Doucette ❤

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