March 2012 ~ Calcite ~ doucette’s geo-expeditun to the stone of the month

Peopol, you would not believes how pwetty them stones an gems are, but dey are, i tells you! but they are far morer but just pwetty! Dem has healing powers too! Dey are vewwy powerful helpers in many an one situatiun, an should not be missing from any home-pharmacy. But dere are do many stones an when you has no clue, you cannot know which is which, and which can wot.


An that is why i am starting a brands new series of blogs on my blog, so i can helps you to wade fru the names and prosperities an stuff, an introduces you to my bestests friends from our Big Momma Earth, dem gems, stones, minerals, crystals … oooh you peopol has given dem so many names, but you knows what i means, wight? wight!

So i been talksing to Daddy TeddyTom4u who is an experts on stone healing an healing stones, so much that He and Mrs Teddy even wroted a books about it, but dey wrote it in German, so we cannot quotes from it, yet. Bummer! But but but, He tolds me He is translating to English now, an so hopes are, that one day soon (soon, Daddy, wight? WIGHT???!!!) da book will be availuble for us all to reads…. 

but anyways, i asksed Him, an He alloweds me to not only photo-shoot an pose wif dem shinies, but also to has me portray dem stones, an He wooks after me, so i dont wite any cwap… oooopsie! (I meant ship!! i didnt say no big word like cwap, no Sir, no Ma’am, wight? :-S or maybe it just swipped, and maybe now i am in twuble, but i dont wanna be in twuble! it only swipped cuz Daddy TeddyTom4u had said that word “cwap” an i was just repeatings? – well quick back to dem shinies before peopol notices how i am in twuble!

so now every month we will has a stone introducesed to us, an in March we kick of wif a stone (family) dat often wook like CANDY!!!!!

may i pwesents:

the Family of Calcites

 Lemon Calcite & Strawberry Calcite, rough + unpolished but so awesums!

so in above picture you can see me (noooo, i am a teddie not a calcite, dem stones are calcites *giggle*), an i am standings in a large box wif rough, unpolished rocks. in yellow an orange to red. An these are the Lemon Calcite an Strawberry Calcite. An doesnt make it us widdles all hungwy, weading dem yummie names? *giggle!* you will notice, that in dat Family of Minerals, most first names indeed are food! an when polished, dey wook like candy on top.

 Orange-Calcite, well an me too!!!!

Dem Calcite’s are widdles fwiendly on so many levels. Whether adult widdles or kidlett, dese gems are always vewwy well received an liksed, an they make a bond to their human or animal fwiend weal quicklies. Dey even bonded wif me in no time, an i am a teddie girl! *giggles* Dey bestest works wif your bones and joints but also wif disks, since dey are a bit wike a skeleton an helps to gives stwucture yet remains your flexibilities…

Wookie, how sweet and shinie dey are, in dis picture i am pwesenting… they wookie so delightfuls, i almost wanteds to yum dem up!! but i has not of coursie! *giggle*

 Blue Calcite  (back) and Honey Calcite (fwont) … an me three! giggles 

some of dem Calcites helps to knock down nightmares! an dats why my “stuffie” is not a soft stuffie, but a gem stone eliphunt, made or yummie Orange Calcite… see? now you know dis secwet about me too.

wookie: an Orange Calcite  Eliphunt charm… charming, huh?

An how bout you? Has you gifted your stuffed animals and Teddy or Teddie some gem stone helpers yet? if not,  ask my Daddy TeddyTom4u, an maybe you too will soons has some yum-Calcite fwiend for your bed-time fwiends! i certainly wouldnt wanna misses mine!



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