Funnie houses, in Bavaria (pt.1)

Peopol, you has no idea what funnie houses you get to see when you travels wike me!

I always accompany my Daddy on His business and errands twips by cars, an i has a vewwy good eye for the particular  an so we often take pictures of stuffs that other peopol do not notices easilies. For examples you can see me standings on da woof of our mini-van wooking all tiny comparsed to the entry and wall-tower to the city-center of a village… doesnt the house/tower wook all hungwy?? :-s

 it does look vewy hungry, hope it wont chew our heads off :-s

Or like a few months back, we discovereds a house dat has all walls all funnie. dere is no wight ankle, wight? wight! it wooks like an accordion  – wookie!



an an an few weeks ago Daddy TeddyTom4u went to a flea market in a small village nearby, and we discovereds this  tiny house in mids of old other bigger houses. i immediately told Daddy, that dis must be the widdles under dem Bigs houses. 

 a widdles of dem ole houses… innit all cuddlies?


Or wookie at dis house! It is all eaten up by plants! wooking so kewls!!!!


an we also passed this scary villa. Suwe it has some charm but somehow it wooks all haunteds. i not putting my paws inside!!!!


An last pic for today, is a church. It not wike a spechuls church, but somehow it fits in this blog so enjoys


Okies, dats all for today, – now i will leaves you to swoons ova dem pictures an gives you a riddle…. 


where can you pee-pee inside a tepee ?

giggle, giggle morer!






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