how to hire a photo-model!

Wisten peopol,

peopol often asks me, doucette, how can i books you or some of your otha hawt collegues for a photo-shoot?

An so i thunked to muself, why not post a blogs about how to book a photoshoot wif a model on ym bblogs so peopol has a point of referrence, an i needs not to tells peopol the same stuff ova an ova – you know?

An so, as to make dis a weally pwofessunal performance an blogs, i interviewed some fellow hot models, amongs dem my way hawt Auntie Anna from UK!!!! She is also the Mommy to my fellow vewy hot stuffie model *stuffed kitty* (name changed for privacy weasons) – in one of my blogs yet to be published you can see pics of stuffed kitty when i visited her and Auntie Anna wif my Daddy in November 2011. dat was funs!! but i digress.

so i has intervieweds also fellow models, both stuffies and humans, an so i am not just tellsing you my point of view, but more like well researcheds point of view.

i do hope other models will comment and chime in theirs too, but at leats this blog will be a vewy good starting points.

so here goes:
how to books a photo-model for your photo-shoots,

a doucette4u guide...


you need to contacts the model, an tells dem sumfing bout yourself, an your plans for da shoot you had in mind. best way is you sends dem a mail. dont forget to include imporatnt info about yourself: what kind of photographer you are, what are your fortes, include maybe links to your portfolio/web-site and also references, such as with whom you worksed so far, so us models know you not some kind of creep, but a legit photographer. dis is gender irrelevant, meanings whether you are girl or boy or anything in between, you always give references an are open and honest about what kind of photographer you are!


den when da model agwees to shoot wif you, you need to make out… no, not make out as in kiss kiss, silly! you need to make out a date. NOOO! not a date wike kiss kiss, dang it you needs to be all pwofessiunals! you need to make out a date when to shoot, and for that it is best you get on da phone! 


you should think in advance what kind of shoot you wanna has, an has all requisites and props weady, maybe if you informs da model dey can bwing some of deir props to the shoot as well. also think of all the make-up an costumes and do has some basic make-up weady for your model to uses… as well as some widdle snack, espechially if it is a demanding or longer shoot – it needs not to be a 7 course menu but at least a lollipop?


an while it is twue, dat most models love to pose in fwont of a camera, an we deeply enjoy it and da attentun, you should also think about our expenses! Most models dont live from thin air alone, an has to pay their rent and travels so, dont be a cheapo, and whip out da money! 


and in another blog in da future i will post about what my fellow models should know about photo-shoots – so stay tuned! 






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