my beary own signature smiley

wisten peopol, those who follow my blog seriously an reads all of my witings, will knows that i has nicksed a signature smiley from Teddy Teddy, who always signsed wif His teddy-smiley He mades up:  << dis one >> 8:@) << – an so i thunked to myself, thats quite awesum, i wanna wanna has one too, dat is totally like me

 dats how i wooks like, tilts to da site – wight? wight!

so if i tooksed Teddy  Teddy’s signature i would has been in twuble, an an i don’t like being in twuble, so i avoids getting in twuble if possuble. so i needed to be creatives, because its not like dere are many creative ways to make an emoticon that wooks like a teddy or a teddie, an so i was thunking and thunking until i came up wif it. if i tilt my head, what does it wooks like? and what signs can i uses …

and that is how i founds out. i went in fwont of a mirror, an took an old lip stick Mrs Teddy never uses anymore (sowwy!!!!) an an then i tilteds my head a widdle an then some morer until it was alike wif what you would has if you wrote in a line (an stwangely i so know how to write dem lines! *grumble-mumble-never-mind*) *crosses paws Mrs Teddy wont mind i stoles Her old out of use lip stick :-s *

…..and turns out my face looks all likes  8 for dem ears, : for dem eyes and @ for my mouth’n’nose . an thats how i cames up wif my signature smiley. 


so now you all knows! neat huh?






One Response to “my beary own signature smiley”

  1. that was very sweet of you to explain how it came to this nice little smiley 😀 Thank you!

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