lush and lost locatuns, medieval defense wall

Peopol, you would not believe the stuff i has seens on my last modeling photo-shoot!


Daddy TeddyTom4u scheduled one in an awesum locatun, in a Bavarian village wif history back into medieval ages!!!  We shot at ancient defense walls, inside and outside of them, and I have rarely seens such old walls standing all tall and proud and intimidatings still!

  this is sumfing you prolly has never seen befoe, a real defense wall from the inside. 

dere are stairs leading upside, and what now wooks like a balcony, dats where dem soldiers were wunning to defends the city!! now the big questiun for you… can you spot me in da big picture?

now dis is when you walks down wif me, alongside the defense wall toward the tower with the entry door…

and here you can see da stairs leading up to the balcony like wooking defense lane inside the wall! impressives (an scary too!!) 

from outside of the defense wall. what a tall huge tower dat is. … now there is a small park there, and it is framed by the defense wall and the creek, so you can imagine how much a stronghold the city must has been in dem middle ages! 

I am sitting on a large stone by a rose bush waiting for spring to kiss it alive. da roses, not me! i am all alive anyways. *giggles*

da tower is so old, he grew a beard!  but he wooks all scary, an so i only giggled from a vewy safe distance!

here i am posing inside teh scary tower, well not inside inside, but from da outside of the twoer wall, dere are these way scawy widdle windows to what wooks like a torture chamber or whateva other scawy stuff! it took Daddy TeddyTom4u quite some convincings to has me pose dere. See all dem spider webs an rust an stuff!!! But as a star an model, i braved dem (eeek! okies i admit He bribsed me wif extwa sweets, giggles!!… an also threatened me wif twuble, so i took dem sweets an shouted, lets do it!!) 

left to the defense wall tower is more of da defense wall, an you can see some taller houses from behind the wall peeking over the wall, towards the creek an all ova da park?, an me peeksing back at them! what an awesum but also intimidatings locatun!!!

 behind me (an the rose bush an the huge stone i am sittings on) you can see a bunch of houses kinda like stuck to the outside defense wall in time sof more peace (cause outside the defensive wall, wight? wight! an you can also see the entry tower wif da door open, to the pwotected city. an it wooks all small compared to da tower above, an yet still it is all huge!


Hope you enjoyeds my stroll through old history from the luxury of modern security… i was so happsy Daddy was wif me, cause dem old walls are quite spooky!!!!






One Response to “lush and lost locatuns, medieval defense wall”

  1. you must have been very tired after such adventures! 😀

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