Teddy talk, a widdles dictunary

Peopol, i often gets asksed how you can learns to speak widdles, an of coursie you can learnsed it but best is if you speaks it naturally! to some of us adult widdles it comes naturally, likes me, an many of my fans, but some peopol stwuggle wif da concept an dey keeps beggins me to give dem a clue or two too. so i do, in this blog too. (giggles at the funky rhyme time snort-giggle!!!)

 a vewwy important fifference to makes is not to mess up LOLcats speak wif widdles. dey are similar but not da same, so paweeze make a fifference where a fifference is due. 


so dere are some wules, but none of dem is set in stone, since it is a natural fingy. but since the list is way too long for one postie, i wills make it their own category in my blog an we will discuss fifferent terms in fifferent blogs, so you can learndeds sumfing while surfing my awesum widdle widdles blog, an dat way, dem Bigs cannot say you were waisting time, since educatun is never a waste of time, wight? wight!

So today we learn a new word in  Teddy talk  an dat’s:


 For dose of yous who hasnt graspsed the concept yet, when dem Bigs say: Difference or Different – we teddies an widdles say: fifference/fifferent


We are fifferent like dat, an dat’s the fiffirence. Makes suwe you use the word fifferent/fifference, at least once a day until the next lesson. because if you get catchesed not hasing done the homeworks, you are in twuble, an be made standings in da norty corner, an no-one wants dat. wight? wight!



class dismisseds!






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