Veggie Days (1)

Peopol, my Daddy TeddyTom4u, quite some time ago made a motivational promise to a friend. She was doing bad stuff to herself in dwinking the ugly energy dwinks, and Daddy TeddyTom4u wanted her to stops.


So you has to know, that my Daddy loves eating meat and said friend was a vegetarian. So Daddy pwomised he would have one veggie day a week, if she would quit dwinking that “liquid cwap” (dats my Daddy’s words, mine would be *liquid ship* – giggle – an an an sooooo, ever since dat pwomise in – sic – 2010 dere is at least one day without meat for Daddy every week.


And since Mrs Teddy is a brilliant chef, we had quite a few of outstanding yummie recipes prepardeds, an i always checks up, whether or not it is all veggie, an if so, Daddy TeddyTom4u yummsed it up

An because it not only smellsed and tasteds delicious, but also wooked all yummie, Daddy often took a few pictures of the food and me, pwesenting it, an so….


 Mrs. Teddy’s Crepes with peace (giggle, got the fun pun? peas/peace, giggle-fit)

an an an, guess why there is a (1) in the title? guessed it? GUESSED IT???


it is a new series of posts, but categorized under yummies, so now you knows it all.



One Response to “Veggie Days (1)”

  1. You are the sweetest Doucette! ❤

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