Wistens Peopol,

you has no idea what an adventure it is to be a photo-model and travels to various locatuns. Of coursie it is not for everybody. Some models i spokes to, are annoyeds by the travels, an they claim that all places are da same. An maybe from their point of view, but from my perspective, i keep wooking and discoverings always sumfing peculiars.

An so in dis blog, i wanna shares some of the things i has seen, in no particular order but all themed CONTRASTS

Hopes you enjoy, an keep your eyes open when you travels, tis much more fun dat way!


Contrast: light and dark

Contrast: Modern and Archaic “Communicatun Devices”

Contrast: decayed and restored old buildings

Contrast: Hard Worker, soft teddie

(giggles! fun visual pun! hard worker, giggles, made of bronze too! – you could even say heavy metal! lols)



One Response to “Contrasts”

  1. you are an excellent observer Doucette 😀

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