Got dem sads an cwying too!


 so sads, i am all cwying n sobbing, wah!

 Peopol, wistens, dis is just so fudging sads!

Wot i am to tells you bout makes me sniffle and sob an cwy! yes cwy! tears an snot an everything.

So, i has a fwiend on a social network, who wanted to be fwiends wif me, an i am always happy to add my fans/friends. An she seemed to be all kinds of nice, an had similar interests an everything.


So, an an an. now, – she like told my Daddy TeddyTom4u, whom she also is friends wif, that she is worried bout Hims, because He talks through me!

Dis is so not twue! an also wong! an anyway, WHAT THE FUDGE?


I am my own self, an i wuv my Daddy an He wuvs me, an the other girl has no business with what is between my Daddy an me, an it makes me sad, that she will wanna be my fwiend, an then behave like the worst enemy, like i was wot? a toy? an object?


so even if it saddens me, i will terminate my fwiends-being wif her. She can go an fudge herself, i am done wif her.


hope i am not in twuble. an i do hope she does get in twuble wif her Mommy! wots an wots an morer. she does deserves it too!


bad girl. she, not i! 









3 Responses to “Got dem sads an cwying too!”

  1. petcelestial Says:

    No you’re not a bad girl Sis! You good girl and dis girl is da crappiest of da crappy! I wuv You!


  2. petcelestial Says:

    You are NOT bad girl! You so wight! She da crappiest of crappy girls and i so mads she hurts you!!
    I wuv You sis! Bunches


    • fankies for saying dats. grumblemumbles, wot a bad girl, she is, but she not my fwiend, nor Daddy’s an an an she can go fudge herself. HUMPF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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