Wishing you a Good Knight…. (giggles)

Sometimes, Peopol, you gets up all early, an feels like beds all ova, you all know that feeling, wight? wight…



just moments ago, you were all cozy in your beds, warm an an an softs an den dat toopid, alarm clock had to rattle and shake, an wakes you up from da most awesumest dweams evar. so not fair!


but what is a good bear to do, so we do gets up, but den we feels like yawnings an stuff, so in attempts to shake dem sweepies, we so needs coffee!


 but if nuffing helps? an an an an all we wanna is go backs to beds, an den


even though its the middle of the day, an the sun is up’n’about,

all you wanna do, is wishing the day


a Good Knight


 giggles! fun, fun pun! got it? GOT IT??????

night/knight, giggle-snorts, or was it snores? *giggle-fitttttt*


and return, where you felt decent and stwong

to sing the beds, beautiful sweepy song


has a nice nap,

sleep on! 






One Response to “Wishing you a Good Knight…. (giggles)”

  1. This is so sweet again Doucette, and I loved the pun! 😀

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