Polite twicks!

Peopol, wistens


dere are no politics, dere are but polite tricks!


an in that vewy traditun, i has to tells you, i am a political bearson! (*giggles*, fun! fun pun!, got it? GOT IT??? bearson = person, *giggle*, *giggle-fit!*)


so some peopol are into polite tricks and dem parties, other are in environment pwotectun gwoups, an some are in animal pwotectiun, an all is fine, wight? wight! An so you would thunk, *where does teddie doucette draw the line?*


an an i tells you. i am aware this is a controversional activity, but we take dat stuff seriously. an when i say WE i mean the peopol of



CLiF stands for Cake Liberation Front, an we are opposed to dem yummie cakes an other sweets being locksed away in cages an bags an so we fwee dem fwom dat harsh cruel fate!


i will report about my achievements  in those matters on my blog on an off, even if it may bwing me into twuble. hope i can reach out to my fans an has you join the force!


Free dem gum-bears, free dem cakes and yum them up!






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