Pwesenting new decorational fabwics



dis was one vewy excitings photo-shoot today. wow, just amazing…. an wow.


waiting for da photo-shoot to happens, us models need to be patient… 

an makes da best of any situatiun – so i uses da break to catch some bronze …  awww dem fabwics are cozy an soft too!

So, here is da back stowy, 4u! Daddy TeddyTom4u is going to markets awot, an always takes pictures of the booth He had set up, so He an Mrs Teddy can analyze what could be improvsed an also to has kinda a souvenirs, …

 one of Daddy’s vending booths from February 2012, pwetty in bordeaux red… but mayhaps too simple?

Mrs Teddy (whose style an fashion sense is impeccable too!) told Daddy TeddyTom4u, dat she does wike His booth set up, but dat dem colors are a bit too grim, an dat maybe He could use some fresh new fabrics so His booth kinda jumps out of the masses of booths on a market! An so, Mrs Teddy an i helpsed Daddy TeddyTom4u choosings new fwesh fabwics!


to lighten up the booth, push the sales an yet not make the merchandise wook second best wif dem fabwicks…

twas a choosing challenge… but dont dey wook all awesums? 

An i gots to presents dem, in da yard, wif the sun up n about an all. wookie!  

 laid out on the lawn, their full beautie just stuns you, doesnt it? doesnt it???  oooh an yes, dere is a fabwick wif eliphunts too!!!!

An I fink dey wook amazings! wot do you fink?







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