B.B.C. (Bavarian Beer Culture) and Beary Beery Celebratuns!



no Blog from anyone in Bavaria, regardless whether visitor, stranded here or born here could eva be complete wifout mentunings of the BBC – as the title said, Beary Beery Celebratunnns an an an Bavarian Beer Culture.


you can argue all you wanna, that beer is not culture, but if you have seen how much of life is created around the yellow  brew of hops, water and malt you would think fifferently. just plan an extended twip to Bavaria, and you can see wif your own eyes. Now the argumentative amongs you will say how maybe beer is a culture for humans, but not for bears? well, think again,  an an an i can proves it to you, too!



 it is a bear’s  brewery!  the sign says so too! (neener)

Every village in Bavaria has their little beer-gardens, where you can get snacks to eat, and loads of beers to drink! I took the libearty (*giggles!!!*  fun! fun pun!!! got it? got it????? liberty/li-bear-ty!! *giggles*, *giggle-snorts!!!*) to take a few pictures of one such neat lil beer-garden, so you can accompany me, an see for yourself… it is traditional an  an modern too!


 you enter from the street into this yard atmosphere, wif neat lil tables… an lil houses in mids big ole ones…

see? you get some privacy, but still can communicate wif others. it is all laid back, an open…


 though this is a modern beer-garden with rather a-typical chairs/tables, you still have the folklore traditions represented in the decorations: the wheel and farmer tools. awesome and cools! 

Ending this cultural blog wif:

DOUCETTE 4U’s Beary Beery Celebratiun Sobriety TEST !

if you wanna know how many more beers you can dwink? Surf onto the above blog and wook closely at the pictures. How many times does you count me, the doucette teddie bear in them pictures? This is how many more beers you can has. Just a widdle hint. the correct answer is 4. If you counted morer of me, it means no more dwinks 4u. *giggles morer, giggle-fit!!!*





2 Responses to “B.B.C. (Bavarian Beer Culture) and Beary Beery Celebratuns!”

  1. petcelestial Says:

    most wonderful as usual! Wuv You

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