Necklace of the Month ~ April 2012


i am so fudging exciteds! i was talksing to Daddy TeddyTom4u, ova and ova, an an an, i said, i needs more sales on my blog so i can gets morer of dem provisuns, wight? wight! an an we negotiateds, an Daddy TeddyTom4u agweeds wif me, an so, dere will be some featured jewelry an maybe other shinies an stuff exclusively on my blog.


An when you buy fru dis blog, you also get spechial one time only discounts!!!


An an an, the first such featured jewelry item is an awesome-sauce necklace/collar, named Blodeuwedd, which is the Welsh Goddess of Flowers and Spring! an the necklace is so like Her, so pwetty too!!!!


It is like hasing the power of spring around your neck. an also so amazingly pwetty, wookie!!!!

 featured necklace of the month April 2012

“Blodeuwedd”  necklace beaded with rosequartz, blue lace agate, orange calcite and clear quartz.

regular price: 55.-$ plus shipping – through me/my blog 50.00 including shipping –

come on buy it alweady, you know you wanna!!!!  


if you wanna similar one, it is doable – just let me or Daddy know






One Response to “Necklace of the Month ~ April 2012”

  1. It is beautiful and the colors are so fresh!

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