scandal: doucette’s money shot!!!!



this is like a scandal! omg OMG OMG OMG!!!!! maybe i in twuble all ova?????? 


i has beeen catched on film posings an, well, i could say how i was a widdles and needed the money,

but yes, dere are money shots of me on the interwebs…


an an an without further ado…..


here dey are :-s

 doucette an da big money! *giggles* 


an doucette wif dem pennies *giggles morer!!!!!*

 giggle-snorts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

F-O-O-L-S-E-D – – – –  Y-A!

happy fool-day to you 


giggle giggle – giggle ad infinitum 






2 Responses to “scandal: doucette’s money shot!!!!”

  1. you surely fooled me Doucette, I was worrying already….

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