a visit in da doctors office!

peopol, innit all scawy likes when you notices dat sumfing is wong wif you, an you has to go an see a doctor?


it is always totally scawy, for us adult widdles, dem kidlets, but also for dem Big ones, – no-one wikes to has to goes to da doctors. Cuz , cuz, cuz at the doctors you has to undwess an get checksed up, an an doctors have all dem scawy instruments and apparatuses an an it all so scawy!!!!





le sigh. but sometimes you has an accident or dem sicks an an den you has to go, even tho you no wanna, an you much rather would stay in beds under dem blankies an cuddleds up wif your stuffie, wight? wight …

but den, dem sicks wont maybe goes away, an so… wah! but i no wanna!!!! 

it is den, dat you weavy are all happies to has a Daddy or Mommy to takes cares for you, an dey will helps you outta the beds, 

an cuddles you an snuggles you so you need not be afwaids so much… 

an dey will makes suwe that dem doctors is extwa spechulz carefuls, an only does what must be dones but not hurtings you!  an when all is done you often wook all funnies, but at least you can goes home wif dem Bigs an be taken cares of!

you has to be quite bwave in a doctors office, but when you are luckies wike me, you will also get spoilsed at home wif cake!


so, if you too has to go to da docs, makes suwe you has someone wif you like a Pwotector, an that you get spoilsed afterwards for beings so awesumly bwaves, oh an if you has no-one to take wif you? take your Teddy bear or stuffie.

an dont forget to get spoilsed afters. its like the most important fingy!







2 Responses to “a visit in da doctors office!”

  1. Poor little Doucette, are you alright again?

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