Veggie Days (3)


wanna get all jumpy?????

I bet you wills so be hungwy after seeing dis outstandings yummielicious dish Mrs Teddy had prepared, an i was blessed to pose wif!


 Mrs. Teddy’s Spwing Garden, mhmmmmmmmmmmm

I assures you, peopol, i so wanted to spwing into the bowl, it was just soooo yummie! (giggles, did you get the fun pun? dids you, dids you???? to spwing, (jump) an an the spwing – like the season, you knows? giggle, giggle morer!!! – hahaha an thats why i asksed about getting jumpy too, cuz cuz cuz, to spwing, wight? wight!! giggle-fit !!!!!!!!!!)


One Response to “Veggie Days (3)”

  1. it does look yummy and I just had breadfast ;P

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