Veggie Days (4) i got spoilsed wotten, wotten wotten wotten!



you would not believes how luckies a girl bear i am!


I got totally and awesumly spoilsed wotten the other day!


Not only did i gets the finest meals servsed evar! an all veggie too! no, i got spolsed even morer! uhu uhu UHU!


Mrs Teddy hand-made me this crocheted bib/apron, in a purrty royal blue, too!



 April5th 2012 veggie day yummies wif blue bib

GOT SPOILSED!!!!!!!! Veggie day today, with

Mrs Teddy’s spring vegetables drowned in butter and covered with 3 pan-eggs 

-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand wookie at my awesome crocheted bib/apron of blue babywool. i wuvs being spoilsed!!!!

 And maybe you too would wanna has some chokers, awesumly hand-crocheted in baby-wool (acrylic) or 100% cotton wool? they feel like wearing a soft hug too! Well if you do, they will not cost you an arm and a leg, not even just an arm or just the leg (*giggles!*)  – you just go an an an checks out Mrs Teddy’s awesome hand-made and vintage store on etsy: VintageCozyPlace   ~ i pwomise you will not regrets it!

see how happsie a girl bear i am for being spoilsed wotten? well you could be too. all it takes is a widdle order, an an you can treats yourself! – just do it, you know you wanna! 






One Response to “Veggie Days (4) i got spoilsed wotten, wotten wotten wotten!”

  1. Thank you so much! ❤

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