Twicks Gwandma knew…

Peopol, some of you might wemember, some of you may only have hearsed about dem, good ole days! I am talksing about the days of our grand-peeps an all them widdle twicks dey knew. Now you must understands why dem gwand-parents knew all dose twicks. Because da good ole days are good mainly fwom the comfort of our modern times, sitting in that comfy chair, in a climatized room to our likings, wif all dem chemical an mechanical wizard helpers at our paws, where-as in the good ole times, dey had to be a widdle more inventive to helps themselves…

an some of the twicks are veritable money savers, so it is not so much a miracle they get “lost” ova time, because, our industry wants to sell their products, rather than us using stuff to safe them coins. But! Mr Big Industry, do not get all worksed up an upsets wif me! if i helps peopol safe money, then only so dey can buy more of my Daddy’s stuff, or beauty pwoducts, an that serves you too, wight? wight! So this series of blogs will be a win:win for every-bear! (Giggles! fun! fun pun!!!, got it?? GOT IT???? *giggles morer*: every-one/body became every-bear *giggle-fit*)

an now you can be all PC on me an gives me the whole speech dat i was gender-biased, cuz surely, dem Grandpas knew some twicks too? well, dats da funny thing: in dem good ole days, Grandpa knew one big wtick:  He would say “Dats a girl’s job!”  an walks away to enjoy a smoke wif other Grandpas, who of course were just as young as he were, back in da day, leaving all da works to dem girls, who now are the gwand-ma’s so dere! – an an an  so, you  spares your breath tellsing me off about gender bias – dat was the good ole days we talksing bout, – dere was no gender bias den, an no politic correctness, dey were incorrect times, you takes it up wif dem, not me! HUMPF

ooh an because it is the beginning of  a series of posts, an cuz cuz cuz i am organized like dat, i made a new category for all kinds of twicks, an what is it called? well TWICKS of coursie! so you all keeps out an eye or two as not to misses any of dem blogs about twicks grand-ma knew!






3 Responses to “Twicks Gwandma knew…”

  1. Looking forward to reading them! ❤

  2. theKender Says:

    oh lordy I love doucette! lol ❤

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