Funnie houses, in Bavaria (pt. 2)


on my twips for modelings i get to see so many funnie houses, some do wook all scawy too! So i keep taking pictures, so i can shows you too. maybe you can has a giggle and a shudder wif me? 


take dis house! it is like a Bigs wif their widdles, maybe Daddy an babygirl?



or how bout dis one… dats a bit wike them widdles shoulder-riding their Bigs… piggyback houslet on da house! 


Some houses grow beards! Dis one has a full, leafy beard, maybe like Sean Connery?


While this one has more the Miami Vice Don Johnson look, wight? wight!


Other houses wook like they taken off all make-up an posings all nakey!  


On the other paw… (*giggle*… got it? GOT IT??? on the other paw = on the other hand, just in teddie bear language!! *giggles morer*) …when you wooks all closely, you can see my summer residence in one of dem villages too… named after one most awesomest cat evar, the late Auntie Luna! … wookie:

Villa Luna 

Okies, dats all for today, – now i will leaves you to swoons ova dem pictures an gives you another riddle…. 


how many times did you spots me, the teddie doucette in above pictures?

keep counting, cuz wot dey say is twue

i am teddie doucette 4u! 

got the hint? *giggle-fit*






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