Funnie Houses in Bavaria, pt 3 *Family Affairs*



so many funnie houses awound here, you would not believes it! Since my fans wuv these blogs, i been diligents and hunteds down many more locatiunnnns, an did find extwa-ordinary awesum pictures, of the stwangest, scarie an funnie houses you could fink of! oooh an as to ensure a betta privacy  i blanksed out the name tags an car signs…

And sometimes dey seem to tells a stowy! Wisten to dis one, I namsed it: Family Affairs… you will understands soon, why i callsed it dat! *Giggles*


Starting of wif dese two…. to me dey wook a lot like Mommy (left) and Daddy (wight), wight? wight!!!

 Mommy House has a nice perm,

but Daddy House looks rather stern … 

His younger Brother took a wrong turn

Now his  lesson he will learn…

*shivers* :-s


 Dem House-kidlets so do understand, and stand all still, 

holding one another’s hand!

  Auntie House’s from back aside, scolds Uncle House: 

“where have you been all night?”

She is so angry, her face is all red, 

obviously Uncle House has been very bad!!! 

Uncle House looks ashamed aside, 

all pale and white, don’t he just wish to run or hide! 

But all denial has no use

As Uncle House smells bad from all the booze 

Caught red handed, Uncle House has been

And Auntie finds he should come clean! 

so Auntie House decides all bold:

Take a shower, but it must be cold! 


Daddy House, with his sonorous voice

reminds us all, the girls and boys

the moral of the story: easily is told 

when you mess up, fess up!

’cause for your scolding: you are never too old! 






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