take a pause for pampering your paws!


as a model, beauty is a must an taking good care for yourself is another obligatun. All models take good care of their bodies, well not all all models, but them smart ones amongst them, as well as the sane ones. i know i do my best to be always weady for another photo-shoot, an so in my spare time i do research twicks and tips like dat, because, let’s face it, you can spends a fortune in the spa, but sometimes doing the wight things on your own will safe you dat fortune! an we all want to have dat fortune … at least i do, cuz i am sane an intelligents like dat. Wight? Wight!

an an an an so, i am surfing the interwebs, reading related blogs, but also read magazines an stuff, to always know what is best an how stuff can be done. an so i discovereds a blog with awesum beauty tips, an one of dem is so outstandings an inspirings, dat Daddy TeddyTom4u decided we would do a photo-shoot to portray them steps of da beautie tip! isnt dat like awesum?  the original blog, dat i am quotings [italic bold fonts in this post] is from LaBelleStudio,  is themed TAKE A PAUSE TO PAMPER YOUR PAWS (giggles, fun! fun puns! pause and paws! giggles morer)

Soooo, you all enjoys the photo-shoot results an take care of your paws (hands)!!!

[…] Give them 10 minutes once in a while, in the evening. […] Wash your hands with a mild soap and take the coffee filter you have saved from the morning. Now rub your hands with the coffee: it is probably still wet or moist, maybe it feels a little weird. It is okay, really. Now rub very gently, but everywhere: each finger, between the fingers, around the nails, top and back, even the wrist. 


Oooh, wot a feeling ~ it’s a coffee peeling!

Then rinse your hands with lukewarm water.

see where sits the doucette? ~ at the lukewarm faucet!

Take a little spoon of olive oil and a little spoon of honey. Massage your hands well with both at a time, your wrists too. Now put on some plastic or rubber gloves (those gloves for one use only or do you happen to have some left over from a hair-dye?) and leave them on for at least 10 minutes, 20 if you can. 

here is the pampering task ~ a moisturizing mask!

When the 10 minutes have passed, rinse your hands thoroughly with lukewarm water again. Use very little mild soap, rinse thoroughly, and wipe your hands dry afterwards with a paper towel.

mild soap and lukewarm water are the friends, of them paws that you call hands!

i hope you all go and checks out dat awesum blog wif all kinds of beautifuls in it: LaBelleStudio – bestest is you all follows my example an click FOLLOW on LaBelleStudio’s blog, dis way you don’t miss any one thing!






2 Responses to “take a pause for pampering your paws!”

  1. This is so sweet, thank you Doucette! 😀

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