guess dis, another fun game – proverbs –


dont say i dont keeps you entertained and busy. I twy to keep my blog all yummie and funie, for you, cuz cuz cuz, thats what my fans and friends can expect, wight? wight! an so to easen things up a widdle, once in a while …


here is another picture, portraying a proverb…


and you will finds out which one and guesses it, and later, down bellow of dis blog of course!!! i will spoils you and tells you what we were looksing for. so…


get your brain all powered up, here is da picture!




that is kinda not so easy, or is it?




maybe dere was a widdle hint above

*giggles morer*





they say




 teddie bears are enigmatic…



*giggles like no tomorrow*

ok… so [ahem]







SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*It is a piece of cake!* (like in: that is an easy task)


tolds ya i gaves you a hint!




8: @


4 Responses to “guess dis, another fun game – proverbs –”

  1. wookit you, havsin’ yous cake an’ eatsin’ it too…

  2. I did not get this one either, am so lousy at this game 😦

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