Medieval Impressions from a Bavarian Village

Peopol, let’s go, come – an strolls wif teddie doucette fru a Bavarian Village.

Funnie how the house on the wall seems to has a face and wooks all consernsed, maybe all da stuff dese walls has seens in centuries?

Inside the gate, in the background the outside of the gate with the Main Danube channel – all moderns but not clashing with the true Old World charm…. wookie at those stairs, i betcha it is not the stairway to heaven though!

Spot doucette! can you see me?, wookie, wookie all close, an you will mayhaps discovers me! dere, wight? wight. an now you cna see how weawy huge the portal/door pathway is through the wall-tower to the city!

an here you can see me all widdles on the stone by the door – see how huge the wooden door is? i am not like da biggest but compared to dis huge door i seem all tinies even morer than usuals. quite impressive a door, innit?

here i am sitting on Daddy’s mini-van roof in front of the wall-tower with the door, holy moly, it is all so huge!!!! an an an also, vewy old, like centuries!!!!!!!

that was impwessive, wasnt it? maybe you can weaves me a comment if you enjoyeds?





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