vewy and beary, a twicky fifference!

Peopol, wistens


today, in da class on widdles/teddie talk we will takes it a notch uppers, an you will see, dat like any other language, dere are fine fifferences, you has to be able to makes, an its quite twicky!


so today we wanna adwess, the fifference between the words vewy and beary – for da Big language saysing “very”


When do we say, vewy, an when do we say beary? that is a good questiun! 


When you wanna say it from da perspective of a bear, or when it is the bare truth/fact, you will use beary.


Examples: Like if you are in twuble, because you dids sumfing wong, an got scoldeds, an you feel like ship, an an turns all shades of sowwy and blushes 25 shades of red … and thats when you would say:

*I am beary sowwy!”


In all other cases you uses the word vewy. Like in: “thank you vewy much”. if you are in doubt, always use the safe form, vewy! – it is neva eva wong to play it safe, wight? wight!

So you see, dere is a twicky widdle fifference, but once you know the rules, you can makes it vewy wight. wight? wight!



Class, dismissed! 






One Response to “vewy and beary, a twicky fifference!”

  1. This is vewy helpful! 😀

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