Twicks Gwandma knew… the miracle that is Baking Soda



you will be shocksed mayhaps, to reads on my blog that Baking Soda, sumfing dat common is callsed a miracle? an of coursie, you can be all shocksed all you wanna, but do not call me a liar wif pants on fire. for one i dont wear pants, i am a girl bear wemember? *giggles*


For two, i am not liesing at you. Baking Soda makes all kinds of miracles, for examples in da hands of a chef it will helps make cakes and dat is alweady pwetty awesum… wookie what yummies you can has mades out of baking soda…. an other ingrediences…


baking soda + cranberries, make a cake to that you’d say ‘yes paweeze!’ 

 Baking Soda, flour, butter and sugar are handy? make a cake sweeter than candy!

add chocolate powder, and away go all frownies, with these yummie brownies! 

But but but dat is not all. Baking Soda can be useds also to bwush your teeth! Oh yes, dat is what it has been useds for by many a granny, when they had no tooth paste handy!


before goesing to beds, say fanks, and brush up your fangs *giggles at the fun pun*

An here is one more practical twick wif the miracle maker Baking Soda. You pour it into the drain of your sinks all over da house and leave it dere over night. It will help dissolve the waste in dere, kill some of da fungus an thereby the nasty smells from the sink’s drain will get lost… and dat wifout any nasty, expensive chemical bomb.


baking soda and water, kill your sink’s drain’s smelly odor…

Just your every days helper, baking soda. Awesum, wight? wight! So dat’s all for tonight.






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