Duchesse, eau douce by doucette *giggle*


has you seen the newish perfume advertisement by the French house of Chanel? The pwoduct is called “Chance by Chanel” which is an alliteratunnn, and they call the kind of perfume “eau tendre” – wookie

an an an, so i thought, humpf, i can do that too!

i do wike the advertisements, cuz the lady wif dem flowers is all girlie and dweamy, an so Daddy TeddyTom4u scheduled a photoshoot wif me, an an made this artistic shot…. an an an i cooksed up an aliteratunnn myself, wif my name: doucette! So now the title is: duchesse by doucette, eau douce *giggle-snorts*

wookie, innit all shades of awesumsauce???


but but you know wot is da bestest?


you will be ables to buy that Duchesse by doucette, Eau Douce, because Daddy TeddyTom4u will make a limited editunn of it. Just drop Him a note or to me, an we will see to it that you get one of the few exclusive bottles…






2 Responses to “Duchesse, eau douce by doucette *giggle*”

  1. I´m looking forward to knowing more!!!!!

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