Funnie Houses in Bavaria (pt. 4)

Wisten Peopol,


dose funnie houses weally are not just funnie (an sometimes scawy…) dey also inspire fresh new stories to be told, an an an so i wills tells you!

Wike, dis house, here, all bright an yellow, it sure is not a yellow submarine! An yet: people can live in there!

Or: take dis house!

It teaches us that M&M’s were invented in rural Bavaria, where they built a villa in 1901! Wookie!!!! 

Prove: M 1901 M ~ the candy made it in Bavaria firstest,

before not melting in your hand rocking all over the world…. 

The next House portrays the fact, that you will hear them bells sing, when you drink enough of the beer! 

 Hops and Malt, God safe ’em all! with 18 bells on top, too! 

(hops, water & malt are the only ingredients in the famed “pure” Bavarian beer)


So while the church has one bell, Beer gets 18! Looks like Beer is worshiped 18 times harder here *giggles* and so it is less astonishing, that even bears have their brewery, see?

Bear’s brewery… it must be true, cuz cuz, the House says so too!

The following picture tells more than one story, too! yes thats like two stories 4u!

The church sure looks like a mosque, which obviously it is not!

And the house to the left, heard in church, how vanity is sin

so it shuns the mirror, standing before it and what is the result?

Its face is all dirty, that’s why it looks grim!

And today’s quiz, is dis:


dids you get all dem musical hints? Dis you get them Beatles (We all live in the Yellow Submarine….) or Status Quo (Rocking all over the world!)

cuz dey were secludeds dere, just 4u 2 *giggle-snorts* 






2 Responses to “Funnie Houses in Bavaria (pt. 4)”

  1. you have a great talent: to see the details no one would think of! 😀

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