Twicks Gwandma knew… how to have a skin, like kissed by dew!



I will now kiss n tell

an an an has you know one awesum widdle twick, how to make your skin appear all fresh and like kissed by dew!


It is from the treasure chest of wisdom of dem Grannies, an it works completely wifout any chemical or make up! Now dat sounds awesum, wight? wight! well an it is awesum, an one of dem twicks the better informsed models would uses!


What you need for dat one? Onions!

the vegetable near my paws? thats the onions! 

you will need to peel the onions from its skin and cut it in 4 parts. I will not be kidsing you, when cutting a fresh onion you will prolly cwy some tears. Do not makes da mistake to put the paw that touchesed the onion to your eyes, or you will cwy even morer! 

 so sads, i am all cwying n sobbing, wah!Onions bite pwetty hard! And thats not vewwy pwetty at that *le pout*

Put the 4 quarters of the peeled onion into a bowl and fill it up with fresh cold tab water. Place the whole thing into your fridge.

The next day, you drink that water in 3-4 portions, and repeat the proceedings again, for 3-4 days. It is twue, your breath will not be of roses, but your skin will wooks like it was kissed by dew. Only lil downside, no-one else  will be wanting to be kissings you *giggle fit*


But in another blog, i will tells you what helps against bad breath, so…. you can enjoy the onion’s anyway. wight? wight! 





One Response to “Twicks Gwandma knew… how to have a skin, like kissed by dew!”

  1. love your puns 😀

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