deco-rational flower power!



peopooool, i wuv n wuv n wuv dem flowers!!! Dids you notices? no, nooooooo? now weavy, i like poses all da time wif my fwiends dat are the daughters an sons of da Goddess Flora! Why? cuz cuz cuz they are freagrant, an beautifuls, an colorfuls, an bright an kind an all shades of awesums!


an an an i wuv dem flowers in any settings. i wike paintings of dem, an photographies, as well as dem cut flowers you puts in a vase, or dem flowers you plant in a pot, or in your garden an yards, or those in the wilderness… dey are all da awesome, wight? wight!


So anyways, in dis blog i will show you some pots dem peopol has planteds in front of their stores or homes into  pots bigs and littles  for decoratiunnn reasons, an in many an one i poses in dem, so you get an idea how i was surroundeds by beautie! enjoy!!!!!

 sitting amongs dem flowers, 

an rejoicing in their powers! 

 dat cowboy reflectunnn? 

dats the shadow of Daddy TeddyTom4u takings da picture!!!

while in the Bavarian tundra, where i live, no flower was to be seen

the Bavarian taiga already had this yellow flower dream! 

oh girls, don’t wook so grumpy, instead let’s dance… an has fun a widdle

no i did not bwing my fiddle, but i will tickles you, an makes you giggle! 

an last not least, to has you float

wookie at this flower-‘boat’ 

Oh an an an, fun widdle game for you: if you can guesses what kind of shop the flowers are in front of? in da picture wif Daddy’s reflectiun on it? uhu, that square wooden pot filled wif flowers, in pic #2… well cans you?


it is a butchers shop. would you has thunked? 






6 Responses to “deco-rational flower power!”

  1. Crystal Bullard Says:

    beautiful flowers

  2. I almost did not see the flowers, all I could see was your cute face doucette. On a serious note though, I really do find your blogs to be informative, and entertaining. Hugs 🙂

  3. love your flower blog!

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