Funnie Houses in Bavaria (pt. 5) places of worship


rural Bavaria is covered in places of worship, an it comes in many forms… like every village has at least one church, but often dere are wots and wots of dem churches standing about… in all shapes, sizes an colors… wookie!


in a sort of district village, i discovered this church… an i do asks myself, whose church it is… because wookie, the door makes a reverted cross, and above the door there is a wooden sign, like a crowned horned head :-s SCAWY! 

but dat is obviously not the only places of worship… so are the breweries too!

 See, Beer is Big in Bavaria!!! a huge bear’s brewery. yes us bears has our own church’o beer! 

for whom the bell tolls…

in the name of the barrel, the mug and the sacred bottle, ah-men!  

 beer garden for the congrigatunnnn! 

But other spiritual influences do creep into rural Bavaria even…. 

 wots of Bavarian men wook wike Happy Buddha, wif belly, an smile *giggles*

  there are also dragon worshippers… some husbands say,

“gotta go home,dude, my dragon at home will be furious!”… *giggle-fits*

 we have ZEN moments here too, sometimes even wifout being dwunk *giggle-snorts*

  wells are in every village an dey get celebrated an decorated…

those are still remains from pagan Goddess worship, water, source of life

an of course there are those many forests,

an dats where i wuv to worship the mostest

wight? wight!





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  1. such a sweet blog! 😀

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