Twicks Gwandma knew… lemon-aids *giggles*


Today on Twicks Gwandma knew i will introduce you to some twicks you can performs when hasing an usings a lemon.

 That is why i callsed this blog entry lemon-aids *giggles* because it is about the aids (helps) from lemon an an an dats a fun pun wif lemonades, the lemon made dwink too (giggles morer)

ahem, so first of all we need to know what a lemon is, an an supwize!!! it is a fruit! a citrus fruit even. an wookie how beautifuls an fresh it wooks

Some of you girls an boys too, have habits that will makes the skin or nails go yucky  an dirty… wike, when you smokes or uses nail polish too much, it will leave stains on your paws!

well, no pwobwem wif the treasure chest of twicks from our Gwandma’s an the LEMON-AIDS. Just take a fresh lemon and squeeze it tight. When you makes a widdle hole into the thick skin, an closes your eyes, your squeezage will let the juice splash out, an when you directs it to a glass you can collects that precious juice. just dont get any into your eyes, or you will be cwying like a baby!

so sads, i am all cwying n sobbing, wah!

anyway, you now takes the lemon juice an an an apply it on the stains on your paws… it will naturally bleach your nails an skin, an that way you will wooks all awesum agains!

 But lemon juice can does morers for you too!

With summer approaching an for some peopol even wifout dat, it is possuble we will be sweating an feeling all sorts of yucky all ova! Again, Gwandma just produces dose yellow fruit an winks at us knowingly. She too knew how yucky it feels to sweat, but in her day, the girls knew dem twicks. Dey had no deo’s back then, an an so, they would just slice up a lemon, an lick the fruit meat an sucks the sour juice out of it s-l-o-w-l-y an miracle oh miracle, the sweating got less!


Now ain’t that awesums???? I believe it is even awesome-sauce! 

So now you know, that if life treats you wif lemons, you can count on lemon-aids *giggles all ova da place*






2 Responses to “Twicks Gwandma knew… lemon-aids *giggles*”

  1. I giggled too 😀

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