chocolate~nutella~southern-comfort~brownies stowy!

Peopol, dis is not an all new stowy, an some of my fans have already readed it, but i fink it is worth to be repeated on my own blog an an an so here goes:

Mrs. Teddy’s Irresistible Chocolate~Nutella~Southern Comfort Brownies 

Oh my, what do i see?
Daddy Teddy left a supwize for me
smells so yummy, weavy wight
gonna fork me, just a bite!

teddie doucette can’t resist
it tastes so good, and warm still it’s
Daddy sure must understand
this taste doucette cannot with-stand

before doucette can realize
she already is rolling her eyes
these brownies have their own magic
to not yum them up: it would be tragic

swiftly climbs the widdle teddie
into the plate, she is already
a little bit dizzy from the booze
she is sure Daddy will excuse!  

she yums the brownies, our little fella
what littles could resist nutella?
 Southern Comfort makes her tipsy
she did not know that it is whisky

Daddy Teddy, that’s so good
more of it i eating would
You won’t believe what i found out…
that plate is a merry-go-round!!!!!

all poems an pictures are copyright 2011 (thats my Daddy!) 

an extwa thanks to Mrs Teddy for making dose yummie bwownies, too! 






2 Responses to “chocolate~nutella~southern-comfort~brownies stowy!”

  1. this is so sweet, I bet sweeter than the cake itself! 😀

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