central park! – lush and lost locatuns


on my strolls through the scenery, i often stumble upon some sights, off the main tourist routes, and travelers paths, an den i can like discover awesum locatuns for photo-shoots. But since i am a widdles, i never stroll about all on my own; Daddy TeddyTom4u is always near-by an so we get to do all dese atmospheric shots. Often we have unscheduled photo-shoots like dat.

In mid March 2012 after running some errands, we discovered a tiny park, just along side/outside the city wall, between the creek an the wall, kinda the Central Park *giggle* – it is still within the city and yet outside, with an atmosphere of its own, kinda sorta like sweeping beauty – twuely unique.

Here are some impwessions, of the park, slowly shaking off da claw of winter an awaking to fresh spwing life under the warm sun!

 wookie, who is all bigs an tall, 

nope not me! siwwy!

but that ole defense wall! 

 reflecting in the spring’s warm sun

about sumfing siwwy, or sumfing fun 

an while i catches me some of bronze

the water carries pictures of many a house! 

leaning at this ole big tree, wike it’s all tall

posings before the water fall

whether or not you are a fan

in such surroundings you too do become all ZEN 





2 Responses to “central park! – lush and lost locatuns”

  1. well, you are travelling around quite a lot! 😀

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