spoilsed wotten in da spa ~ part 1 pwepawatuns!



so i has been a good girl bear an did some fudging scawy modeling wif Daddy an an an so i got spoilsed afterwards wif a day in the spa!!! yay!!!


an today i will shows you the paw-age [thats footage in teddie bear language, giggles] of them preparations, or as we widdles say: pwepawatuns!!!!


   before the (f)acts ~ enjoysing to sit on Rose-quartz, wewaxing! 



  dey brought me a pink bwush an soap an so… i got all nekkid!!!!



 i gots my beary own spa-day themed pink towel! wookie!!!



  still wewaxing against the rose-quartz rocks i got soaped up! 



  after all soap was massagesed and brushesed in,

morer wewaxing time!  see?



totally awesum wewaxatiunnn…

wif dem gems an wocks,  that wocksed! 

(gots also aquamarine for my eyes, jade for my heart,

clear quartz and mookaite for my skin an dem rose quartzes too, awwwww!)



  mowe wewaxatiun time,

dweamsing of Teddy an my sista cele-staw!



so i could catches some bwonze but wifout getting sun-burnsed

dey wrapppsed me up in my spa-themed towel, an i laids in da sun… 



when i was all heateds up, i got relocateds to the shadows,

 so i could cools down ~ so wewaxings!!!

How the spa day continued? well you will has to wait for the continuatunnn in another blogs. neener! 

giggles morer!








2 Responses to “spoilsed wotten in da spa ~ part 1 pwepawatuns!”

  1. oh this looks really relaxing, maybe we should go together next time?

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