you cant be squeemish to be a model…. facings wilderness & abysses

So, now that you has seen the first part of my spa-spoilage, you Peopol will be finking, ‘wow, that doucette got spoilsed wotten!‘ an i has to admit, you aint seen nuffing yet, cuz i beens spoilzed a wot morer… as the other spa days blogs about my spa visit on May 5th will shows…. BUT, this was not a free ride!

i mean, yes it was free for me, cuz it was a gift by Daddy TeddyTom4u to me for being so brave during my most recent SCAWY photoshoots!

An so you get the idea, of how scawy a shoots i has been fru, here are a few of dem pictures…. but be warnsed, even watchings dem might proves to be nerve wracking!!!!  YOU HAS BEEN WARNSED!!!!!!

dis was one dramatic photo-shoot… i hads to lean ova to an abyss… an just twust dat Daddy wouldnt allow anyfing wong happens to me… even Mrs Teddy was wowwieds sumfing bad coulds happens to me… but Daddy said, twust me, an so i has, an thats teh result… wooks good but i fink you can see me all in fears, cans you?   

“a mix of scary elements and the soothing skies reflection in the water…” 

“Abyss” by



But wilderness has its down-falls too, you know? Wike, wookie, here a photo of something as tame as black-berries coming alive with fresh green leaves. tame? well fink again! wookie at dem thorns, dey hurty yous when you are not extwa cautious!!!!

“Sprouting Life on Blackberries (2012)”



Or take dis: more thorns. but dis time not the ‘convenience’ of a wooden fence. Dis time i had to do a balancing act on high-wires, above an abyss of rose’s thorns!!! dang, i was so scarced!!!!!! 

portraying the challenges life poses on us… 

 “Walking the Tight-Rope Over No Bed of Roses”



 Now you could say, that, “OK,OK, so you had an abyss, you had thorns, you had thorns with an abyss, it cannot possibly go any worse, wight? wight! but you would be wong!!!! yes, i said wong! cuz cuz it did get worse!!!  you will see my face all pale an my eyes all wide, maybe you can see a glimpse of a fearful tear in the corner of my eye? that is cuz cuz cuz i was so beary scarceddddddd! Had to pose in close proximity to freshly grown STINGING NETTLES!!!!! wookie!!! “Herbal Remedies” by


This shot was the worst of all! not the result, which Daddy assures me, is exactlies what He went fors, but doing it… ok, so being tied up by some rusty iron cuff with sharp edges, is alwady like a nightmare, for any model, twust me! the background? a decaying wall… so much decaying i was praying it would not crumble down all over me, in mids of the shot… den also the hazard that nasty cuff hooked into the wall, would not fall off while i was inside…. (ugh!!!) den of course it was dirty too.  (double ugh!!!) there were spiderwebs all ova the place ( triple ugh!!!) an Daddy said for authencity weasons, dey cant be swepts aways… (quadriple ugh!!!!)  so dat was like – omigoodness i so scarced an an uncomfy an what is crawlings over my bottom paws, an an ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh – but dere was an abyss bellow me, i could feel but not see, an it was covered wif dem STINGING NETTLES reaching out to me!!!  IT WAS A NIGHTMARE COME TWUE!!!!!!!!

“Trapped In A Nightmare with Nettles”



So, peopol, you do see, that life as a photo-model is everything but something for the faint hearted or squeamish, an maybe now you will understands, that though i had the most awesums fun in da spa, it still was hard earnsed and well deservesed. wight? wight! an no wong this time either *giggle-snorts*






3 Responses to “you cant be squeemish to be a model…. facings wilderness & abysses”

  1. Poor little Doucette, that must have been very scary indeed, I would have been scared too! good that you had a spa day reward afterwards (btw there are some fans of yours on my blog today ;D)
    brave little bear-girl!

  2. ooooh ooooh ooooh an an an fank you for your kind words. being a model has its toughies but also its wuvlies

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