spoilsed wotten in da spa ~ part 2 let da fun start!

So, after all the pweparatuns, and wewaxing, it was time to get on wif my spa day. The soap needed to get washesed out too. Today i will shows you a wot morer about da spa. It is not just any-place, in some modern life-less building. The peopol has it located in a basement, made of old stones… So I had to go downstairs, wrapsed in my pink spa towel…. wookie!

all exciteds with anticipatun, while going down!!!! 


 dem walls an old wocks sure are all impressives!

Finally i arrivsed at the [washer] spa-pool. It was reserved just for meeeeee! How comfortings to know dere will be no-one prying on my privacy, an just time to welax in da warm waters an bubbles, an stuff!

Entering the private pool an choosing the conditioner! 

They have the Teddy-brand “cuddle-soft”


Time to smells da conditioner. awesum-sauce!


Welaxing at the spa-pool, waiting for da program to starts


The door closes, so all da sounds from outside wont disturbs….


Dem bubbles starting to rise, what a bubbly supwize!

Can you see in ym face an eyes, how welaxeds i am now, when them bubbles an the warm water start to rise, and lifteds up my bear body (giggles! fun pun. got it? GOT IT? bear/bare and bear gigglesnorts*) … my spirit was lifteds too…. the quietness of the pool, all worries shut out, just me an the spa-pool, da water, dem bubbles, an … an … so much fun to be had…. 

but the continuatiunnn? dats for another blog. wight? wight! 






One Response to “spoilsed wotten in da spa ~ part 2 let da fun start!”

  1. This is so sweet, and there was a bear on the bottle too! 😀

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