spoilsed wotten in da spa ~ part 3 fun, fun, fun!!!!!

Peopol, you just cannot, cannot imagine the fun fun fun, i always has in the spa. This blog will show you, how i enjoyeds myself beary much in the spa pool.  *giggles! fun, fun pun! gots it? GOTS IT? beary much = very much for widdle bears! giggles!!!!* Well anyhow, the pool (washer) door is shut ~ an since it was a private sessun, meansing, i was dere exclusively an all by myself. Yay! ~ there is no more noises to be hearsed. so wewaxing.

When dey shut the glass dooor, warm bubbly water comes in streaming, an an you get to soak in dem fragrant bubble waters! Swimming in dem bubbles! And it would sway me, sway me, wike i’m a widdle babie! 



As you can see, the bubbles slightly lifted me!


Then the wheel went weeeeeeeeee. A merry-go-around to be



an herer you can see some live paw-age      

 [dat’s footage in teddie bear] *gigglesnorts*

of me enjoysing the snorklings, swayings an swimmings

in dem bubbles




And yet the fun did not endeds herer, as you will see in at least one future blogs, because after the pool there was the sauna (dwyer) an that was all shades of awesums too!






3 Responses to “spoilsed wotten in da spa ~ part 3 fun, fun, fun!!!!!”

  1. Giggle snort! 😀

  2. Crystal Bullard Says:


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