flower power! dude, it’s wild!

Giggles morer!


So dem faithfuls readers amongst you, peopol, will know, how much i am in wuv wif dem flowers, yes you could even says i am into the whole flower power!


sowwy for callsing you dude, though. i was more like makings fun of da hippie-generatiun, who has their wuv for flowers in common wif me, so dere. anyways!!! *giggle-snorts* today i wanna show you some pictures of me posings wif my flower friends in a more natural setting. Not flowers planted in pots, but those that grow on a lawn, in a garden, yard and sometimes even along the street!



 never miss, springs first bliss, representeds in dem crow-kisses 

  i kinda get all crazie, posing wif dem Daisies!

at the height of my sweet lip, the red to pink flower is a tulip

the purple one i give you a hint, we call it a wild hyacinth

 not yet out, but blooming soon: the splendor that is lilac!

that didnt rhyme but is just as beautifuls, wight? wight! 

if you feel all mellow, greet a tulip that’s yellow! 

dey are called lion toof! an dey are wild a child

growing by the street, as you can see!! 

 now, that picture said it all! wight? wight!!!!





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