Car P0RN *giggle-snorts* (1) show ’em muscles!!

Wistens, peopol….

Not long ago, after a full day of worksing at market with Daddy TeddyTom4u we attended a cars of yesteryears fair together, to decompress as Daddy callsed it. Well turns out His idea of us decompressing, was for me to posings wif dem sexy cars and Him taking pictures of me modeling. Once more my theory was provsed wight, dat to be a model, you has to be beautifuls at all times, an every investsment into our bearsonal beauty pays off in these spontanously scheduled photo-shoots. *giggles, did you catch the fun pun? did you?? bearsonal = personal, giggles morer*

And being the good girl-bear i am, i always keep my fur an skin in best shape an so, even after a hard long days work in a dusty open air market… i was fit for the cause ~~ an some cause it was! So this first blog of dat day is dedicated to show off dem muscles… nooooo, not wike naked skin, sillie, dem muscle cars!!!! an after these blogs about them hot cars pwesented by me, you will certainly understand, why some peopol think that cars are p0rn, and why sexy girls go so well wif cars!!!! Wike, wookie! 


car is callsed BonneVille. Fitting! i live in BearVille 


 even hooman girls bowed to: me riding a jaguar! 


 after riding the wild cat, i went for wild horsies: mustang! 


the star of the show was not mercedes, but me. wight? wight! 


 i put on such a sexy show, i almost got awesteds!

more of these automotive dweams the next time!







2 Responses to “Car P0RN *giggle-snorts* (1) show ’em muscles!!”

  1. ROFL you were indeed the most beautiful there 😀

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