spoilsed wotten in da spa, part 4, pwepawing the sauna


so after seeing me enjoysing the spa pool, wif swimming in dem bubbles, an snorklings in dem bubbles an an also showsing you all my nakey tail *giggle-blushes* i will now show you the 4th of 5 parts of the mega-spoilage i had gotten, as to rewards me for all dem scary photo-shoots i had endured beforer!


So when all the snorkling, swimming and swayings fun was ova, i cames out da swiming area (washer). i am a widdle bit embearassed – *giggle! fun, fun pun, *giggles morer*…. got it? GOT IT???? embarassed became emBEARassed *giggle-snorts* so anyways, i am a widdle embearassed to admits it, but i kinda sorta got soooo wewaxds in da spa, i fells asweep! so when i came out dat area, i was still all sweepy an soft and warm, you know wike waksing up in da warm beds, just smelling all sorts of fresh!

zzzzzzz, still sound asweep after swayings & wewaxatun!


somewhat sweepie still, poutings: is wewaxatun ova alweady?


 wakings up fullie i feel all shades of awesums. le smile


 entering the Sauna ~ knowsing more wewaxatun awaits!


 getting all comfy in da sauna (dwyer): yay!!!!


talking wif Daddy, who checksed in on me! wuvs Him!! 


an now wewaxing in da heat of da sauna… awwwwwww! 






2 Responses to “spoilsed wotten in da spa, part 4, pwepawing the sauna”

  1. You are the sweetest and have the best daddy ever 😀

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