spoilsed in da spa, after the sauna, dee end!


today it is time, dat the blog mini series comes to an end, wike da spa spoilage did comes to an end finally, an dis is wot dis blogs is all bouts, wight? wight!


well so, you has seen 4 parts, wif picture paw-age  galore [*giggles*, dat is foot-age in teddie bear language, wemenber? *giggles morer*]  an even a short clip in part 3, where i was rejoisings an singing while swimmings an snorklings in dem bubbles!!!! An you have seen how much i enjoysed the welaxatun an fun in da pool area called washer, an dat it was not scawy at all

an den last time i showsed you how i got weady for da dwyer, the Sauna, an today, i will shows you the end wesults of dat most awesum day in da spa, i has been spoilsed wif!  


after all da hot steam, i was sound asweep…


sauna was so wewaxing, waking up felt all warm & fuzzy


i wokes up to my senses an felt all awesums


Daddy was so happy seeings me all happie a teddie too!


 i got out the sauna all wefweshed an good as new!

 if you ever wonder, what a welaxed an happie girl bear wooks wike?  


cans you see me smile? dat is cuz i am soooo happie






One Response to “spoilsed in da spa, after the sauna, dee end!”

  1. you look beautiful and younger than ever! 😀

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